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We are an engineering company involved in projects of Comprehensive Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, protected by own patent of invention, which combines several innovative technologies to achieve high recycling rates through environmentally and economically sustainable processes.

Our Patented System EGREEN

Sistema patentado EGREEN

The proposed Comprehensive Treatment System is basically to recover and segregated from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) all recyclable materials by optical separators based on Artificial and Multispectral Vision and complementary technologies.

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  • System advantages EGREEN

  • Plastics in oceans

    In 2025 will have been poured ocean about 155 mill. tons of plastic

  • Tons of plastic sea

    World is dumping 8 million tons of plastic each year to the sea

  • Oceans garbage dumps

    The seas and oceans have become landfills

The problem of municipal solid waste (MSW)

According countries and income levels, a person generates on average from 0.25 to 0.50 ton / year. If the MSW are not treated and recycled properly, can generate significant pollution problems to public health and environmental degradation. Only in the last 5 years has increased by 40% the production of the same worldwide.

  • WATER: Pollution of surface water: rivers, seas, lakes and groundwater contamination due to leachate generated by the organic matter.
  • LAND: The garbage that we throw on the field generates leachates that change the chemical composition of the soil and complicate the germination and growth of vegetation.
  • AIR: We pollute the air by the decomposition of organic matter, with generations of CH4 methane emissions and the production of dioxins and furans, toxic and carcinogenic substances due to treatment of MSW based on incineration operations.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

When we get rid of what we consider waste, we are actually pulling out natural resources.

For recycling we must recover first recyclables materials from MSW flow and then separate them by composition.

Pollution will not occurs if residues are separated, clean, and easy to handle for recycling operations.

The real development of a people is not in the degree of industrialization they have, but in the attitudes that allow them to have a lasting and friendly relationships with their environment.

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The main objectives of waste treatment is the elimination of any trace of contamination or risk for damaging public health and the recycling of waste.

The correct treatment of waste is essential for its conversion into raw materials, with minimal impact on the environment.

The EGREEN patented system is economically more profitable for converting waste into raw materials which can be sold generating incomes from the sale of plastics pellet, metals, glass, paper and cardboard, organic compost, etc.

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