We are an engineering company involved in projects of Comprehensive Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, protected by own patent of invention, which combines several innovative technologies to achieve high recycling rates through environmentally and economically sustainable processes.

Our patented EGREEN System reduces the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, By avoiding the dumping of the organic matter in landfills which prevents uncontrolled emission of methane (CH4) into the atmosphere, representing savings of 23 equivalent Ton CO2 per ton of not emitted CH4. As an example, a treatment plant of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) with a capacity of 200 000 tons / year on average saves about 300 000 T CO2/year with a characterization also average of the MSW.

The EGREEN team performs the whole process holistically: needed analysis and feasibility, economic viability, design, construction and assembly, providing solutions in every circumstance in turn-key basis.

The group of people who make up EGREEN, has years of experience in the sector and a common goal: to promote the sustainable development of our cities and towns, providing technological solutions to care for the environment and recover the waste produced by our society, which, once processed and treated become raw materials for re-manufacture new materials.


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  • Plastics in oceans

    In 2025 will have been poured ocean about 155 mill. tons of plastic

  • Tons of plastic sea

    World is dumping 8 million tons of plastic each year to the sea

  • Oceans garbage dumps

    The seas and oceans have become landfills

Our Patented System EGREEN

Sistema patentado EGREEN

The proposed Comprehensive Treatment System is basically to recover and segregated from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) all recyclable materials by optical separators based on Artificial and Multispectral Vision and complementary technologies.

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  • System advantages EGREEN


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